How it all started back in 2004….

My name is JJ….

It was October 2004 and my world was falling apart…I was £115,000 in debt, had no work, my marriage was at an end and I was drinking myself to death. I had been into rehab in June 2004 for 28 days and again in September, but it didn’t work and I was spiralling out of control. My drinking and debt went hand in hand, and both were getting worse. A good friend advised me that all was not lost and I applied to go into a long term rehab in Scotland and at the same time try and do something about my debts by trying to get an IVA agreed- I had to ask my family to guarantee that they would pay the IVA monthly payments until I was back at work – but that would be at least 6 months before that would happen. I contacted an IVA company and started the ball rolling – my friend drove me to Scotland and on the way I met my IP in a Motorway service station car park to sign the IVA papers needed to put the IVA forward. The IVA was put forward whilst I was in Rehab, and amazingly it was accepted by the Creditors – It’s a good job they didn’t ask me to attend the creditors meeting!. I had run out of money by then, but having the IVA in place, and with the help of the local authority who funded by place in rehab, and my family guaranteeing my IVA payments, it gave me the time to concentrate on stopping the drinking and staying stopped. I was still pretty low at this point, but the debt’s were a major reason why I was drinking so much, as an escape from being under the pressure of all that debt. It was November 2004 when I went to rehab and I left in May 2005 – I can proudly say that that I haven’t had a single drink since that day I went to rehab – it will be 13 years soon since I last had a drink. So it is now May 2005 – and I am 6 months into an IVA and fresh out of rehab – and need to find a job quick…..